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Princess D @ Mommy’s Office

I am not sure how many of you know this, but I am a software industry worker from 9 to 6 (and often beyond 6) on weekdays. I work with a company called as GrapeCity, located in Noida. We had our Family Day in office on last Saturday. It’s a day that we celebrate every year when our family members come to our workplace and we spend time together.

family day 20121 copy

This year my older princess D had come with me. (Yup, she wore the headband that I made for her :D) She had a great time. The highlights of the day were the stalls that were set up. We had

a Kids’ Zone – playing area for kids with toys

a stall for GrapeSeed – GrapeCity’s English Language Curriculum. Princess D spent most of her time here.

a creativity zone – where our colleagues taught us some Origami stuff, tile painting etc. Guess *who* spent most of her time here? :D

family day 20122

GrapeCity Archives – a collection of machines etc displaying how we have emerged over the last decade

a walk down the memory lane – scrapbook style display of old photographs

Terrace garden – *I think* we have the best garden in our area. Each season we have some of the best blooms in town in our very own garden. On Family Day folks had lined up one pot of each plant on the terrace. Each flower had its name displayed on a big and colourful paper flower. Princess D was thrilled to see this stunning display of colors.


Me and D spent some real good time together going through the activities, games and stalls.

We also had superb dance & other performances by our colleagues + games and fun prizes for everyone. Tasty starters kept the audiences busy while participants were engaged in activities. All this was followed by buffet lunch and everyone left with gifts – a bowl full of chocolates + a potted plant of kids’ choice. Princess D chose one with bright yellow flowers.


Things that struck me most on Family Day at my office were:

When you want to do something with all your heart, no one can stop you: Each stall, each item, even the bunch of flowers that were given along with gifts were crafted by hand. I know they were under staffed because initially a couple of us pitched in but due to project tasks we backed off in between. Undeterred, the organizers went on and completed all these art works with awesome finish.


(Tutorial coming soon….)

The diligence and attention to detail is what differentiates something from mediocre to mind-blowing: Each step of the day was well choreographed and equally well orchestrated. Each person on the team was extremely courteous and displayed an attitude of happy-to-help. The girls who showed us around on the building tour and shared stories connected with the paintings, architecture etc. The guys who took us around the stalls. The ladies who were hosting the paper crafts stalls. Everyone knew exactly what role they were playing and where they fit into the puzzle.

You cannot do it alone: It was a team effort. People worked together. Asked and received help. It was team work. Like a well oiled machine the individual parts contributed to moving the team forward.

In the end, attitude is what tops the list: Everyone on the organizing committee was committed to making sure that the guests were well taken care of. Maintenance folks stopped by people and asked if they needed anything. The people taking pictures spoke to princess D, made her feel special. Their happy-to-help attitude was spreading cheerful vibes everywhere.

All in all it was a very satisfying experience. A day that made me feel proud about working with GrapeCity.

Thank you, GrapeCity Family Day Organizers, for a day very well spent!!!


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