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Princess Diaries

Ok, ok, first things first. I am not talking about the book / movie of Princess Diaries. I am making a scrapbook for my two little princesses and I am calling it “Princess Diaries”.  :D

As you know, I am thousands of miles away from my family at the moment. And this is making me remember every little moment we spent together. I am already dreaming of when-I-meet-them and so on and so forth. (Old story and I don’t wish to bore you with the specifics.)

So, I’ve given myself a target of creating a scrapbook for my lovelies. I did try my hand at doing it partially in paper and partially in PhotShop (details here) but since then I haven’t done much about it. Technically this is my first paper scrapbook. (Ok, scrapbook cover. Not scrapbook. Yet.)

I had been to Michaels (one of my dream destinations in USA) over the weekend. I got this lovely paper with princess themed design for just 14 cents. I also bought a paper binder (just over $1) and a few photo protectors from Wallmart the other day. Together these three items form the basis for this layout.

The binder itself is plain white with the front and back sides having pockets of transparent sheet. What you are seeing here is the front side where I’ve inserted the completed page.

Most of the design – the smaller clouds, birds, castle, mushrooms, tiny flowers and pink/yellow backdrop are pre-existing on the paper. I’ve merely added the photo (of course!), flower / leaf embellishments, the big cloud with title on it. The photo is placed in a way to hide a frog. I think the original page design was built around “the Princess and the Frog” story. The frog however does not feature in the story of my princesses (yet ?! ) so I simply hid it with my daughters’ picture. Clever? Ya, that’s me! :D

Some close-ups


I made this cloud, others were already on the paper.


The green grass you see picking from under the photo are really the frog’s feet!

Love both these birdies. I thought of creating these again with paper and then sticking them over for 3-D effect. But I am feeling very sleepy (it’s 10.00 PM here!) and do not really trust myself to do a great job on them, so decided against this idea.


What else would you change here? I might spend some time with the title tomorrow. I think it should stand out a bit more. What say?

Overall I think for a first timer this one has come out quite okay. What do you think? On a scale of 1-10 where would you place it (10 being the best) ?

Waiting to hear from you.


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