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@Redmond, WA

Life is taking me places. Again. And this time my family is with me. :-)

Yes, we moved. Again. This time to Redmond, WA. :-)

I will forever cherish my old friends. I am keeping in touch with them and will continue to do so. But I am excited, too.

To meet new people. To explore new sights of Mother Nature. To have new adventures. :-)

flowers 1

On professional side it’s a bigger, more influential role. I am thrilled about it. It’s something I’ve so wanted to do. I’m grateful to my company for trusting me with this responsibility. I am sure Kanhaji will guide me so I can make them proud.

On personal side its another fantastic adventure. This is the 4th or 5th move which me and my husband have done together. In the beginning it seemed to be harder than the others mainly because it was a cross country in a different country (we moved from TN to WA in US), we have two little princesses to take care of, my MIL is here who is a special-diet person and oh so many other things. But then when me and Mr. C talked about it, we figured all these things didn’t really matter. The real issue was that we were not clear about who is leading this effort. I would tell him that we need to do this, this & this and he would do the same but beyond that we were not “keeping it together”. Once we figured this part out, it became a lot more easier.

One little gotcha we are still dealing with is that our beloved car is still in TN. Movers have not picked it up and day by day this thing is giving me grief. But at least the situation is only with the car. Rest of my stuff is here and my home is becoming increasingly more livable each day.

Here’s what’s going on in my household:

Kanhaji at Redmond

{getting everyone settled}

Grass lawn park


{exploring neighborhood}


{experimenting in the kitchen while my craft stuff is waiting to be unpacked}

With just my sewing machine being out (pure luck!) and “Ben Franklin fabric store” being nearby (pure luck, again! Thanks to @Donna and @Susan for pointing it out!!) I’ve started making some stuff for my new place.

double sided pillow covers

This weekend I made, some super easy pillow covers for our recliner and a couple curtain panels for bedroom. I thought about doing tutorials of these both, but was too excited to finally craft something, so just went at it was in a hurry to get these two things out of the way, so did not take any pictures of the process. Don’t worry, I will soon make more and will come up with a tutorial for you guys. :)

With the sun’s rising and setting times so different in this new place, my body clock is still undergoing some adjustments. Each day I am trying to regain the rhythm – nightly routines, hitting the tread-mill (and mostly missing the tread-mill).

I know it will be a few weeks before everything starts to feel routine. I am glad it is summer vacation for the princesses, so it’s less worrying if we slack on some house chores. My princesses have also made a couple new friends in our community and I have too.

I do keep thinking of all the great friends that are miles apart now and it does make me sad. But I am finally at peace with our new reality and ready to embrace life in this new town.

All in all, we are making this new place our home.

Wish us well.

I know, you will :-)

xo, ~Varada

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