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Varada Sharma

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Ruby Falls, Chattanooga

Mr. C had been telling me to get out and go to some hiking trail, parks etc ever since I came to Nashville in March. He knows that I get very restless in a concrete jungle. Born and raised in Goa, I am used to greenery, flowers and nature being all around me. Finally I decided to take his suggestion seriously and agreed to go to Chattanooga with Swati.

As if Kanhaji did not want to be left behind in making sure I go, this is what my fortune cookie said when I went to lunch at the Pacifica the day before the trip.


Swati booked our tickets on Megabus. This was the scariest part for me. I like travelling. By bike or by foot. Yup, I am not at all comfortable in travelling in vehicles that close all doors and windows. But this ride on the double decker Megabus was really a different story. We boarded the train and took seats on the top. Throughout most of the ride I dozed off and did not feel uncomfortable at all. :)