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Ruby Falls, Chattanooga

Mr. C had been telling me to get out and go to some hiking trail, parks etc ever since I came to Nashville in March. He knows that I get very restless in a concrete jungle. Born and raised in Goa, I am used to greenery, flowers and nature being all around me. Finally I decided to take his suggestion seriously and agreed to go to Chattanooga with Swati.

As if Kanhaji did not want to be left behind in making sure I go, this is what my fortune cookie said when I went to lunch at the Pacifica the day before the trip.


Swati booked our tickets on Megabus. This was the scariest part for me. I like travelling. By bike or by foot. Yup, I am not at all comfortable in travelling in vehicles that close all doors and windows. But this ride on the double decker Megabus was really a different story. We boarded the train and took seats on the top. Throughout most of the ride I dozed off and did not feel uncomfortable at all. :)


Megabus dropped us at Chattanooga Eastgate Complex and from there we took another local ride to the downtown. A kind gentleman on the bus wrote down instructions for us for using buses between downtown and Ruby Falls – Rock City etc.

IMG863 (2)

With that we started our adventure of the day!

A Tomato-Mozzarella sandwich at Panera Breads and another short cab ride later, we reached our first destination – the Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls, a 145-foot underground waterfall located more than 1,120 feet beneath the Lookout mountain‘s surface is one of the major tourist attractions around Nashville.

To me it was simply breathtaking. An almost spiritual experience where I thought of all the love and care my Kanhaji has put into creating such a place. The cool fresh water flowing incessantly like his grace.


His master craftsmanship in creating beautiful structures out of limestone rock.






His abundant kindness in giving people like Leo Lambert the courage and perseverance to open it to thousands more people like me.


Magical for sure.

From the observation point at the top we took some more shots –


The cityscape


Weather was awesome too. Cool breeze and pleasantly warm and bright sunshine.


Overall verdict? Must visit! I was indeed *delighted* to be there.

Looking for more pictures? Click here.


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