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Starting 2014 Strong

Every January I make big plans. To change the world, if I may say so myself. But by March my efforts have mostly evaporated and by July (my birthday time), I am making new plans already! And then comes December followed by another January.


This year I decided to change the game a little. I decided to start *before* the new year and start working “on myself” instead of all-by-myself.

I wanted to improve three core areas in my life: 1. General fitness and Health (my big 1) 2. Writing 3. Thankfulness These formed my goals.

I also observed myself carefully and studied my habits. I realized that 1. If a task is small, quick and repetitive, I find it easier to form it into a habit. 2. I am a list worker. Even in office, I feel lost if I don’t have my favorite little notepad all the time. Every little thing that I commit to, gets written in that notepad, gets done and gets checked off. If something does not get written in that notepad, it most likely won’t get done. 3. I like to see results, see progress. It gives me that kick, that high. These observations formed the basis for the plan of action to achieve my goals.

As next step, I broke down my goals into tasks:

  1. Goal 1:

  2. Eat veggies twice

  3. Jog for 1 mile

  4. Take multi-vitamins and allergy medicine

  5. Goal 2:

  6. Write for 30 mins daily

  7. Goal 3:

  8. Feel gratitude – consciously and dedicatedly think “thank you”

Of course, I needed to track my tasks and measure success. I found this nifty little app for Android called the “Habit List”. Its concept is simple – you create a list of habits you want to make; the day you do that thing, you give yourself a star. Works for me.

Armed with these ideas I started on my journey to a better-me way back in late November, 2013. I am glad I started then because on 1st Jan 2014, I hit the ground running. Here are my current stats:


I will share multiple quick and easy ways to incorporate fruits and veggies in your diet in a separate post. But I think I’ve done good on this one so far. Must mention that Mr. C has been a great help here. Can’t thank him enough.


Not so good on this one, need to try harder. My friend Shawn gave some tips on how to squeeze time for this, so will give it a shot. Thanks, Shawn. :)


Jog for 1 mile includes jogging (for 1 mile at least), revising all the good points of today in my head and consciously thinking “thank you” – to people in my family, at work, who help us in the shops, who do the hard work in fields so I can eat my veggies, who help maintain my apartment complex facilities, so on and so forth.

Definitely need to try harder on this one. May be I should set up the gratitude one as a separate task on the habit list. What do you think?


Night routine is made up of brushing teeth, scrubbing face, taking multi-vitamins and taking allergy medicine. I also do practice my “thank-you”s here – but now I am saying thank you for the next day. I visualize it being a productive, happy day and proactively thank my Kanha-ji for blessing me with it.

There you go. My goals for the year 2014.

Putting out my resolutions for all to see was a scary decision for me. But with this post I am really trying to make myself accountable. I am counting on you guys to hold me to my words on these habits.

And I am sincerely hoping my little tips will inspire Y.O.U. to bring in that change in your life which you’ve always wanted. If I can do it, so can you. (Read, if a lazy-bone like me can do it, so can you.)

Go for it, my friend. You are an energy source. Unleash your light. And S.H.I.N.E.

May this year be your best year yet!!!

Warm hugs, ~Varada

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