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Varada Sharma

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Starting 2014 Strong

Every January I make big plans. To change the world, if I may say so myself. But by March my efforts have mostly evaporated and by July (my birthday time), I am making new plans already! And then comes December followed by another January.


This year I decided to change the game a little. I decided to start *before* the new year and start working “on myself” instead of all-by-myself.

I wanted to improve three core areas in my life: 1. General fitness and Health (my big 1) 2. Writing 3. Thankfulness These formed my goals.

I also observed myself carefully and studied my habits. I realized that 1. If a task is small, quick and repetitive, I find it easier to form it into a habit. 2. I am a list worker. Even in office, I feel lost if I don’t have my favorite little notepad all the time. Every little thing that I commit to, gets writte