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Styrofoam plate decoration {Tutorial}

Emily from jonesdesigncompany keeps putting up beautiful wreaths and I always feel like I should also make one. But near the place where I live we do not get the basic wreath material / strcture. :(

I tried creating one with Thermocol material, but didn’t like the result much. So while I keep my search for ideas to make wreaths, I decided to try something with a Styrofoam plate instead. This is a quick little tutorial which can help you create something similar. :)

tinker bell plate - whole-r

Things you’ll need:

  1. Styrofoam plate

  2. Papers – colorful for roses, thick green for leaves, thick pink & blue for butterflies

  3. Satin Ribbons – colorful for the tiny little roses on left side

  4. One sticker of your favorite character or a photo of your loved one!

  5. Double sided tape


I used this simple tutorial by Dozi Designs to make the paper roses. I tried first with a book page and then subsequent ones with different colored sheets.


I did a few variations to these roses though:

a. I glued the end of rose to its base for securing them well.

b. Instead of using plain scissors, I used decorative scalloped ones.

c. I dabbed just a hint of silver glitter on my black rose :)

Diya - Gold medal n Christmas Tree 126

For the ribbon roses you can use the technique used in quilling. You can experiment here with ribbons or thin strips of paper itself.


On a thick green paper, simply draw the leaves by hand, cut them using sharp scissors or paper cutter and taking a green glitter add lines for highlighting. I’ve created a template of similar leaves which you can use to create these leaves yourself.


Here I used a play dough cutter from my daughter’s set to trace the shape. On pink paper I traced the inside line and on blue I traced outside. This helped me add layers for a butterfly. The template below has butterfly tracing also ;)

For setting up a butterfly, take the blue side, add a thick double sided tape on the middle part (body). Stick some colored, thick thread or shreds of paper for the antennae. On the top, affix the pink butterfly.

Diya - Gold medal n Christmas Tree 128

On the Styrofoam plate assemble your flowers, leaves and butterflies using double sided tape or craft glue. On the center of the plate affix your sticker or photograph. You are done. Well, almost. I am beginning to realize that this decoration is catching some dust if left open. So I am planning to wrap it up nicely in a transparent cling film you get for covering food items.

2011-05-09 11.21.06

Easy, right? You can use it to show off some cool photographs or create wall decoration of just the flowers. Do try and let me know how it comes out to be.

Here are your patterns for leaves and butterflies: leaf pattern – final


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