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Thank-you (hanging paper craft) {Tutorial}

If there’s one thing  I want my kids to learn, even if they do not learn anything else much from me, is – the attitude of gratitude. Today’s craft celebrates the simple act that can fill your heart with joy. The act of saying “Thanks”.


My aajji (grandma) was close to her eighties. She would wake up quite early each morning – 5’ish and then work in the kitchen and generally around the house all day long. She would have tea in the kitchen itself, no breakfast. Finally after all her kids and kids’ kids were fed, she would sit to have her lunch – her only meal of the day – at 3.00 pm. But when she sat to eat, she would always say, “Annadata sukhi bhav” (May joy be to the one who is putting food on my plate). Her way of saying thank you, sending blessings for every thing in life that was responsible for getting her basic needs satisfied. What a profound lesson!

Here are the ones I am so thankful to

God, my Kanha-ji, for being there for me. Always.

parents: God has given me the world’s best mom and dad. Period.

brother, sister, cousins: I am fortunate to have all of them in my life. They make my life fun, interesting and are supportive in the times of need. What else can you ask for?

husband: Someone who is kind, caring and encouraging in my all my little endeavours. A good friend. For life.

two little princesses: Diya and Akshi. My very own little angels who fill my moments with joy.

In-laws: My bhabhi, mil and others who are really like my family rather than my husband’s. Need I say more?

Teachers: They made me what I am today. Encouraging, challenging, motivating. Without a doubt the foundation of my building.

colleagues: I work with some of the kindest and most highly capable people.

friends: no words to describe. You all are awesome. :)

visitors of humble little Your kind words of encouragement are my source of inspiration. It feels so good when someone reads my words, leaves me a message, thinks kind thoughts about me. I am humbled by the experience.

money: there’s one thing with me and money. Unforeseen sources will come forward whenever I am in need of money – may it be for pleasure or for some purpose – as I said, God is always very kind to me.

health: again, I might look delicate, but more often than not, I am tough. I can eat anything (veg, of course :D), work hard and generally stay healthy. With my second prgcy, I did face some serious issues with my health. But those days are a thing of the past now.

my artsy-craftsy little brain: the small wonder behind this blog, its ideas and many other things like that.

I am sure you’ll also have many reasons to be thankful for. So, today’s craft is a way to say Thanks for all such wonderful blessings in our lives.

I made this one as a thank-you note to all my colleagues @ GC for making my birthday a very very special one this year. It’s quite easy to make so you can even do this as a kind of fun Saturday afternoon activity with your kids.

You’ll need:


– papers, two different colors

– a pair of scissors

– some thick thread, about 2 meters long

– glue

– embellishments, stickers etc (not shown here)

– template (right here. You can make this by printing the letters using Arial font in two different sizes. One bigger than the other. Download link is at the end of this post.)

Thanks template

Print the template and cut your chosen papers using the letters.

Measure 40 cms of the thread and tie a knot. On the other side of the thread, measure 30 cms and tie another knot.

Full 1 copy

Now on a flat surface, lay the bigger letters according to spacing of your choice.

Carefully place the portion of the thread between knots over these letters and lay the smaller ones on top. The thread should get sandwiched between the two sets of letters.

Use glue to stick the three items – bigger letter, thread and smaller letter – securely.

Embellish with sweet little stickers or flat bed crystals etc. I’ve used stickers here from Dora Puffy Stickers


Pooh and Friends collections.

On both hanging ends of the thread, create similar shapes with butterflies – one large and another small. Attach sandwiching the thread in between.

For a surprize element, I also created a small flower with different colored papers (pink and white), added a yellow sticker in between and added green leaves. Then I simple adhered it to the thread and attached a strip of thick paper behind to securely hold it in place.

That’s it. You’re done!

Hang this wall hanging craft in your room as a daily reminder to be thankful in life or gift it to someone you love as a special thank you note that’s as special as you are!

Please do try and let me know how it comes out.



Click here to download Template Thanks.pdf. You’ll need the fr*ee Adobe Acrobat Reader for opening this file. Enjoy!!

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