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[Video] 2 tips for getting more out of Digital Stamps with the help of MS PowerPoint

Hi friends, I have a quick (less than 10 mins!) video to share today where I am sharing 2 fun things how you can use the Desktop version of MS PowerPoint to get more out of your digital stamps.

There are some things to keep in mind though:

  1. This will work with Desktop version only, not the Web version of MS PowerPoint. Also, just so you know I have tried with the Web version only on my Windows PC. Not on a Mac, so please try it one time. Will surely appreciate if you can let me know in the comments below if it works or not. :)

  2. For the white-on-black technique to work properly with non-sentiment images – the image itself will need to have proper transparent vs opaque parts. For instance, if a petal of a flower is transparent in the image, it will get colored with the Fill Color (black in our case, but can be anything). I always try to keep this in mind with my digital stamps and make the relevant parts of the image opaque, but when you try with other digital images, you will need to check for the same.

Here are the actual steps for each technique:

  1. No line coloring:

  2. Select the image

  3. Go to Picture Format -> Transparency and pick the lightest version you can find.

  4. I usually also do one more step to adjust Transparency to my desired value. To do this,

  5. Right click on the image and click on Format Picture option

  6. Select the “Picture” tab on the right side and adjust Transparency. My preferred value is 90%. It prints great with my Brother Laser printer (B&W) and also cuts very well with my Brother ScanNCut machine with this setting. I use the Canson Multi Media paper for printing.

  7. White-on-black printing – I usually do this for sentiments, but can be used for other images as well:

  8. Select the image

  9. Go to Picture Format -> Color and pick the lightest version you can find.

  10. Go to Home page -> Shape Fill and pick Black (or any other color you want).

Hope you like these tips and do give them a try :) Let me know what you think.

Hugs! ~Varada

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