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Happy Krishna Ashtami

Hi friends, here’s wishing a very happy Krishna Janma Ashtami / Krishnashtami / Janmashtami to all of you. :)

As some of you might know, I am crazy for my Kanhaji. He is my father, brother, son and above all a ‘friend’, my sakha. I think of him every time I am happy, excited, sad or even frustrated.

I often sing bhajans, happy or romantic, songs thinking about my Kanhaji. For example,

“Aate aate, aa gaye paas hum… Jaate jaate le gaye tum sanam.. Meri neende mere saare sapne, Le chalo mujhko bhi saath apne, tum na maano to tumko kasam…” is my favourite song for my Kanhaji.

When I put Akshi to bed, I sing Marathi lullabies for her and also for my Kanha. Whenever I eat my meal, I always feed the first morsel to my Kanha.

When I look at the Sun in the morning, I often find myself smiling at the thought that I may not be born at the same time as my Kanha (who knows may be I was there…) but I am offering prayers to the same Sun he must’ve worshiped when he walked this earth.

I love Ganga-ji because supposedly she has originated from Kanha-ji’s thigh.

I adore Jamuna-ji because he loved her too and I am saddened by her current state every time I visit Delhi.

On and on.

I also completely believe that he loves me equally. More often than not, I have found my questions answered by sources I least expect. When I need help, I have found it in very unusual places / people. He takes care of me all the time and pays special attention to even my small, silly wishes.

Today is the day he was born. So it is the most important festival for me of all the celebrations through out the year. Since morning I’ve been fluttering around my Kanha-ji. I gave him a nice long bath, then made him wear clothes, my Rakhi, ornaments, flowers. Made garlands for him. Helped my mom-in-law make sweets. We’ve also arranged all his photographs and idols in one place and decorated them. It’s been a busy and happy day. :)

Here’s how he is looking right now:

Kanha - 1
Kanha - 2
Kanha - 3
Kanha - 4
Kanha - 5
Kanha - 6

The one lesson Kanha wanted all of us to learn was to love every living being as you love yourself. Think of all life as something that He has created and respect it. Including your own self.

When you are tempted to do any sub-standard act – engage in mindless gossip about others or cheat or lie or whatever – remind yourself that Kanhaji created you. You are his creation. You were born as precious and pure as the peacock feather he wears in his crown. Do you really think you should dirty your pure soul by your deeds?

I never use swear words / bad words for anyone because I don’t think anyone is ever worthy of my stooping so low for him. I truly, deeply believe this – Kanhaji created me with love and care. I am here to serve His purpose. He will definitely guide me on my path. With Him I am safe and happy.

Hope my Kanha-ji helps you also as you go on in your journey of life. May you receive His joy and peace just like I do. Today and always.

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